APR_LOGO1_thumbThe Accreditation in Public Relations designation is a mark of distinction for public relations professionals. Those working towards the designation demonstrate their commitment to the profession and its ethical practice. In order to meet the requirements to become accredited, one must demonstrate a broad knowledge of the field of public relations, a strategic perspective and sound professional judgment.

Members of the Public Relations Association of Mississippi can pursue this international certification, thanks to PRAM’s ties to the Southern Public Relations Federation and its affiliation with the Universal Accreditation Board. Join the 5,000 PR professional who have earned the mark of distinction, Accredited in Public Relations.

APR FAQ How do I get started? The first step is to download and fill out the APR application and send it to the Universal Accreditation Board of PRSA, the governing body that oversees APR. You can download the application at, and download the questionnaire at

What is the process? The APR process consists of a questionnaire on which you’ll detail your experience in public relations; then, a panel Readiness Review where you’ll present a portfolio of your work to three current APRs; and finally, the computer-based examination.

How long does it take? Once you are accepted, then the clock starts: you have one year to complete the questionnaire, advance through the Readiness Review and take the exam. Some candidates prefer to begin the questionnaire before they officially qualify to give themselves more time. Either way is fine, but “making it official” gives candidates a hard deadline to meet and a definite goal to reach.

Does APR expire? APR does not expire, but there is a maintenance requirement for renewal every three years.

How do I prepare? The APR website,, is full of resources to help you prepare for accreditation, including a comprehensive study guide, reading list and an online study course. Putting together a study group with friends who are also pursuing APR is another great way to stay on track.

What if I have questions along the way? You can contact Jim Beaugez, APR, PRAM VP-Accreditation, at with any questions regarding APR. Your PRAM chapter’s accreditation chair is also a great resource, as are any current APRs.

SPRF Members Who Hold the APR Designation By earning your accreditation, you will join the ranks of other public relations professionals who have successfully completed the process. Click here for a list of PRAM members who are entitled to use the designation APR to indicate their achievement.