Bali in Indonesia has been one of Southeast Asia’s best getaways for almost 50 years. As soon as adventure travellers discovered the beaches, food, culture, beautiful landscapes and friendly locals, the word about this destination spread like wildfire. Today Bali is a surfer’s dream, go-to honeymoon destination, greatest school/work holiday spot and expatriate magnet.

Here are some of the beaches that Bali is known for.


Without a doubt you’ll find one of the best beaches in Bali on the north-eastern coast. An astonishing black-sand beach, Amed’s most magnificent feature is found above its onyx base and under the luminous turquoise water. A healthy garden of coral is on the ocean floor, rewarding visitors to this top beach with a stunning show of vibrant colours and unique ocean life.

As a result of this flourishing aquatic environment, diving and snorkelling top the list of things to do at this amazing beach. A historical shipwreck only adds to the magical allure.

Above ground, you’ll see volcanoes springing up towards the sky and local jukung fishing boats drifting in neat rows close to shore. You’ll find a lot of accommodation in nearby Cadidasa, a mesmerizing 40-minute drive south. Wear water shoes or sandals because the beach is rocky.

Just over 15 miles north of this extraordinary beach is Tulamben, another hot spot for divers.

Kuta Beach

Tourism in Bali started at Kuta Beach, which still attracts hordes of beach-lovers with its reliable beach breaks as well as mythical sunsets. Roaming hawkers sell soft drinks, beers, snacks and other types of treats. You are able to rent surfboards, lounge chairs and umbrellas or just veg out on the sand. At sunset, a party mood fills the beach as crowds get together for sunset.

Kuta Beach morphs flawlessly into Legian and then Seminyak as you wander towards the north. Because of the restricted road access, the sand in Seminyak tends to be less crowded as opposed to in Kuta. This also means that it’s less guarded, and water conditions may be unpredictable. The odds of encountering dangerous rip tides and other hazards grow you head to the north end. So make sure that you play it very safe and stick to the shallows.

Jimbaran Bay

No Balinese holiday is done without a trip to Jimbaran Bay. This sliver of paradise on the south coast is perfect for relaxing and playing online Roulette in NZ on. The waves at this fantastic beach are calm, and the sand is soft. This makes Jimbaran Bay one of the absolute best beaches for families in Bali. Many a sandcastle has been built (and destroyed) upon this luxurious shore. The reason why most people come here, though, is to watch the sun set and slowly disappear into the sea.

Tourists have caught on to the bay’s striking charm. This is why so many luxury honeymoon resorts, hotels, and restaurants line its golden shores. One of the main things to do here is dine on the beach. You’ll find plenty of restaurants with tables on the sand, primed for a perfect sunset view.

Why Bali Is Known For Its Beaches
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