Whether you have children who want to have some fun splashing around or you are just a fan of watery based fun, water parks are an amazing way to spend a day or even weekend out of the house. There is little as exciting as an extremely fast water slide and little as relaxing as going down a calm ride on a floatie, there is an activity for everybody in a water park.

Not all water parks are created equally, as some are really a cut above the others.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Located In Dubai, UAE, Aquaventure waterpark seems more of an incredible holiday destination than just some water park. For starters, Aquaventure boasts one of the longest lazy river rides in the world, stretching an incredible 2.3 km long, meaning there are very few other places to chill on the water quite like this. If relaxing on a tube isn’t really your style, they also have more than 30 slides of differentiating lengths, gradients and sizes.

Included amongst the wide variety of slides is the world’s widest slide, which can still rocket up to impressive speeds. If none of these fills your fancy for a day at the beach, Aquaventure has you covered as well with a 700 m long private beach.

Siam Park

Located in Tenerife, Spain, Siam Park seems to specialize in the extremes of either holiday you want. If you want a relaxed time, the Mai Thai River, also known as the longest lazy river in the world, will definitely have you covered. For a more family friendly adventure, there are several family raft rides that stretch from laps around the perimeter to extreme rapids, all depending on which ride you choose. When it comes to excitement and thrill, there are very few other water parks that can rival what Siam Park has to offer.

Siam Park has the record for the highest wave pool in the world, with waves that can reach 3.3 meters, making for a great surf for even the most skilled of surfers.

The biggest adrenaline rush through is still the tower of power, a superfast water slide which includes a 28 m free fall, that’s coming in at an already high speed and free-falling nearly 9 stories before joining the side again. For some of the most insane water rides in the world, it’s difficult to find a place that can beat Siam Park.

Water Cube

Located in Beijing, China, the Water Cube Remains the second-biggest tourist destination in China, behind the Great Wall of China. Originally built to host the swimming events of the 2008 Olympics, the water cube has since been repurposed as one of the biggest water parks in the world. If you love the casino bonuses New Zealand offers because of their size, this water park will mak you feel the same way!

Water Cube is the only water park of this size to be built completely indoors, allowing for some incredible architectural engineering and support for some of the highest slides in the world. Everything about the Water Cube is done to the extreme, from the Bulletbowl to the tornado rides, everything here is built to excite.

The Best Water Parks In The World
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