There’s no denying that the world’s beaches are in a bit of trouble. From oil spills, the taking of sand for the microchip industry, loss of biodiversity, and pollution, it’s more important than ever that we all step in and do what we can to ensure that the beaches we love are around for our children to enjoy.

It’s easy to feel like it’s a problem that we as individuals are too powerless to fix, but if each of us did the following, we’d make a big difference in the long-term protection of the world’s beaches.

Cleaning Up

One of the easiest ways to conserve beaches is by going to them and cleaning up all the trash that can be found. It’s certainly not the most glamorous way to spend time at the beach, and the vast majority of people would prefer to simply walk around the trash rather than picking it up, but in order to protect the many different species that call the beach home, we need to keep it as clean as possible. Most public beaches have trash cans and other ways of removing debris that washes up or is left on the beach, and all we have to do is pick it up and put in the appropriate disposal unit.


There are almost always volunteer programs running at any given time, and conservationists and scientists will often ask for the help of the public. This might be in the form of ensuring that baby turtles make it to the ocean after hatching, or to help count specific species for their data collection. Volunteer programs are one of the very best ways that the public can help those that are trying to protect the beaches, so make sure to check on local social media groups to see if there are any opportunities available.

Charitable Donations

For the person that doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands and can’t find any space to volunteer or spend a few hours picking up trash, another great option is to donate. Most conservation programs either run on very little government funding, or relying entirely on money from the public, and often enough a donation can make all the difference, especially if it’s extra money won from the lottery or blackjack Canada games. There are thousands of beach-related charities across the world, with many of them being non-profits doing everything that they can to try and fix the many problems that natural beaches face.

Cut Down On Fish

While it might not seem like it, overfishing can have a huge impact on the health of a beach. This doesn’t mean that a person must give up on fish entirely, but rather cut down on their consumption, or choose brands that harvest their fish in a sustainable manner. In many parts of the world, overfishing and poaching are a serious problem, and often enough it’s the consumer that unwittingly funds these behaviours through the products that they purchase and consume.

Doing Your Part To Protect The Beaches
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