Did you know that the Bahamas is comprised of a round total of seven-hundred islands? The Bahamas is one of the best travel locations for tourists all across the globe, sporting a tropical climate that dispenses warm sunlight onto its isles all year round. Spread across this magnificent community of islands are more than two-thousand beaches, each one more gorgeous than the next.

Of all these beaches, however, there is one that stands out from the crowd. Featuring one of the rarest seaside phenomenon’s in the world, the Pink Sands Beach is a natural marvel more than worth experiencing first-hand by those with the ability to travel there.

Tucked away on the north-eastern coastline of Harbour Island, a relatively small island when compared to its neighbouring landmasses, is a beach whose sand gives off a distinctive soft pink hue. This stunning spectacle of nature runs along the coast for three whole miles!

A Natural Spectacle

Off the beach’s coast lies a massive coral reef whose flora is coveted by millions of micro-organisms. During their short lifespans, they develop red shells around them and, once they die, these shells are taken by the current and brought to shore.

Before reaching Harbour Island, the shells are first bashed by the current and obliterated into tiny, granular particles which then begin mixing with the calcium carbonate emitted by the aforementioned coral reef. After this chemical interaction, what washes ashore is what earns the beach its reputation and namesake.

Is Harbour Island Worth Travelling to?

The Pink Sands Beach is not just pretty eye candy; the sand itself is actually much softer than what you are familiar with elsewhere which makes those 3 miles that much easier to take in. Furthermore, that coral reef off the shore functions as a buffer zone that prevents choppy waves from interfering with your beach plans.

There are plenty of hostels and hotels to shack up in at an affordable price should you wish to pay a visit. The island also features a bustling nightlife that offers a considerable amount in terms of entertainment despite its small population size.

That being said, it is much quieter than the bigger, more commercial islands found in the Bahamas, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. If you would prefer a more relaxed visit to the Bahamas or need a few days of rest away from where the biggest parties happen, Harbour Island is the ideal stop for you. If you want to kick your feet up and take it slow as you soak in the sun, look no further than here.

The Best Beach In The Bahamas

This is one of the rarest beaches you could ever lay your eyes upon. For this reason alone, the Pinks Sands Beach is worth the visit, plus you can laze on it’s sands and enjoy the online betting NZ offers uninterrupted. But beyond that, Harbour Island offers an incredibly entertaining and relaxing tourist experience.

Harbour Island: A Stunning Locale in The Beautiful Bahamas
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