Everyone knows how much fun it is to go to the beach and build sandcastles. Sandcastles can be simple or complex; they can be small or humongous; they can have many tiers or just be a single story. It’s possible to shape them into a huge range of forms, including animals of every imaginable variety.

Sandcastles are the perfect way to spend a few hours with your loved ones, building something that you’re likely never to forget, especially if it’s a large and magnificent castle. Building good sandcastles can be made that much easier by using the right tricks.


Choosing The Right Sand


Anyone who has built a sandcastle in the past will know that it’s not possible to build a particularly tall one by using the sand that’s found farther away from the edge of the ocean. The sand needs to be quite close to the water and fairly moist, which makes it act more like a natural cement instead of just falling down. Of course, it also means that the castle is more likely to be swept away by the waves, especially if building it before the tides come back in.


Check The Tides


This is a simple trick that can make a sandcastle last as long as possible. Most beaches around the world will have a tidal calendar, and this can give you an idea of when the tides are going out and coming back in. The best time to build a sandcastle it just as the tides are moving out.


As long as the sand is still moist and the ocean line is receding, there’s no fear of the castle collapsing or being washed away. It takes no more than a few seconds to check when the tides will be, and it can also make it easier to plan out the day in advance.

Packing The Sand


One trick that experienced sandcastle builders use is to soft pack the sand prior to the building. This involves creating a large pile of sand, and then taking a stick and poking deep holes into the sand. They will then fill up a bucket with seawater and pour it into the holes before pushing down on the sand, making it more compressed. Every time this is done, the sand becomes more and compact and stable.


Once the builder is finished with the compression of the sand, they can then begin shaping the mound. This is a great way to keep the kids busy while you sit back and relax with a cold drink, a movie, or a few rounds of online NZ casino games.


Decorating Tools


Decorating tools for sandcastles are widely available at many shops that are near to the beach. The classic bucket can only take you so far, and if you really want to build symmetrical and unique castles, it might be worth investing in a few plastic moulding and decorative tools. A small plastic rake is a must and having a variety of cup sizes can also help when putting the castle together. Just about anything can be used to start shaping a castle built out of sand.

How To Build Excellent Sandcastles