Spending a day at the beach is always delightful – there’s just nothing quite like spending all day outdoors in the sun and coming home with sand between your toes and ready for a good night’s sleep.

For some people, the beach is for chilling out and doing nothing – perhaps reading a book or even enjoying some real money pokies online from the comfort of your smartphone If you’re heading down with family or friends. However, you may want some fun new ideas of things that you can do during your day at the beach.

Here are some of the best things to do at the beach.

Beach Volleyball

This one means you (or one of your mates) need to have a volleyball net and a ball, but if you do, you’re in for a treat. You can play between two people or on teams, so it’s a nice flexible game if you have lots of people who want to get involved.

Playing beach volleyball is great fun because it keeps you active, the sand is relatively soft and it’s a great way to meet new people and have a laugh.

Bat and Ball Games

A set of beach bats and a ball (or two) should be a staple in your beach bag. Sometimes, there’s nothing more fun than spending hours on end knocking a ball back and forth with a partner. If you want to get competitive, try and count and keep track of how many times you can knock it between each other.

Have a Sandcastle Competition

Many people may think that building sandcastles is only for children, but that absolutely isn’t so. Gather your friends and start a sandcastle competition. Take along your own buckets, spades or whatever else you need, and get creative!

Building sandcastles can be so much fun because you can either make small little ones with fun detail, or, you can make massive structures and even bury yourself in them if you please! Best of all, this is something that’s appropriate for everyone – whether it’s a young family with little children or a group of young people in their mid-20s. We’re all kids at heart, after all.

Beach Soccer

Nothing quite beats beach soccer, and if you have a ball and there are a lot of people around, there’s no better way to bring people together than to start kicking around a soccer ball.

Invite strangers to join you and create some makeshift goals using whatever you have with you – perhaps a shoe or another belonging.

Beach Yoga

If you’re somebody that loves the outdoors and has a real strong connection with nature, then beach yoga will probably be your new favourite thing. Ordinary yoga is one thing, but to be able to do your thing outside, in the fresh air, surrounded by sand is incredibly invigorating.

You can either join a class or go for it alongside a group of friends. Alternatively, you can just go ahead and have your own private session. Doing yoga on your own on the beach is the best way to reconnect with yourself and make yourself feel more centred.

How to Keep Busy at the Beach
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