Sharks are among the most misunderstood creatures in the world, and every year humans kill hundreds of millions of them, while they never hurt or kill more than a few dozen people from across the globe. Famous films and other types of media have painted sharks as evil creatures that seek human blood, but the truth is that almost all shark attacks occur because the shark mistook us for a different creature, most often a seal.

A person is much more likely to be involved in a car accident or be killed by a cow than by attacked by a shark, but when swimming in an area where sharks are known to inhabit, there’s always the potential that it could happen. For this reason, it’s worth knowing some important safety tips before heading out into the water.

Stay Within Marked Areas

At most beaches around the world where there is known shark activity, authorities will usually add markers out in the water to designate where it’s safe to swim and where it’s not. This is important, as there are many sharks out there that are not able to swim up close to the shore as they can easily become stuck. Swimmers that remain within the markers will never have to worry about coming face-to-face with a shark.

Don’t Swim With Cuts

One of the easiest ways of attracting a shark is with blood, and they are able to detect even minute particles of blood in millions of litres of seawater. If you have a cut that’s oozing blood, it’s worth getting a bandage first before entering the water, and even then it might be worth stay on the sand for the day and enjoying Australian open odds, and coming back to swim once the cut has been healed.

The Right Swimming Times

Sharks can see perfectly well in water at any time of the day, which is why it’s a good idea to stay out of the ocean during sunset, sunrise, or at night. Rather swim during the day when the sun is out and the water is clear, making it that much easier to spot any sharks that might be coming closer to the beach. If a shark is spotted, it’s important to exit the water as quickly as possible and alert any lifeguards that are on duty.

Be Aware Of Drop Offs

Sharks will often by near to drop offs, where are where the sand suddenly drops down, something like an underwater cliff. While the beach might be too shallow for the shark to move too close to, a drop off makes the perfect opportunity for the shark to suddenly attack if there is prey that comes over the edge. Most beaches that have these kinds of sudden drop offs will have clearly marked signs that will inform swimmers of where the drop off is.

Shark nets

Shark nets are an effective way of keeping sharks away from swimmers, which is why it’s highly recommended to stay as far away from shark nets as possible, which will always be extremely visible.

Keeping Safe When Near To Sharks
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