With over 2000 beaches spangled along the coastlines of its 700 islands, the Bahamas is a tropical paradise boasting no shortage of stunning seashore destinations. It comes as no surprise then that in 2020 the Bahamas ranked 13th in the world in terms of the most popular tourist destinations. With dozens of fancy beach resorts in gorgeous locales open all year round, the Bahamas is the ideal holiday location for millions of travellers.

Harbour Island

Of all the many stunning beaches the world has to offer, the Bahamas might have some of the best you have ever seen. Most of these are found on the bigger islands where the largest resorts can accommodate the bulk of the region’s tourist activity. However, seasoned explorers should know that the smaller islands are host some of the most unique and elegant beachfronts the Bahamas has in store.

Habour Island, situated on the northwest perimeter of the Bahamas, is one such island. This area is world-renown for the rare phenomenon that occurs on its western seaboard; affectionately and fittingly dubbed the “Pink Sands Beach”, its coastline features 3 uninterrupted miles of soft pink sand.

Why Is the Sand Pink?

The beach is located near an Atlantic coral reef populated by millions of microscopic sea creatures. As generations of these little critters go by, they leave behind tiny red shells that get swept towards the shore. In the swell of the ocean’s current, these shells break into the sandy particles that will eventually reach Harbour Island. Before reaching the beach, these particles interact with the calcium carbonate released by the surrounding coral life to produce the distinct pink hue that washes ashore.

Why Visit?

This is one of the rarest beaches you could ever visit and you can kick back and enjoy the view, the online Blackjack offers and so much more. Better yet, the coral reef off the coast also makes for calm waters all year round by protecting the Pink Sands Beach from choppy Atlantic currents. There is no shortage of exciting activities to do no matter what time of the year you wish to travel. Despite its population of fewer than 2,000 souls, the island is host to many fun day/night activities and parties every day.

When looking at places like Harbour Island, it is easy to understand why many tourists decide to permanently settle or retire in the Bahamas. The island is perpetually bathed in warmth and sunlight thanks to the gifts bestowed by its tropical climate. To live in a world where you can tread in soft, pink sand abreast delicate and warm seas is a life dreamed by many.

Book a Trip to Paradise

Harbour Island is a dreamy vacation spot with unfathomable amounts of natural beauty for tourists to explore. It is the opinion of many globetrotters that this island features one of the best beaches in the Bahamas. Travel by boat to this quiet island and book a room in one of its luxurious seaside villas to experience a fairy tale lifestyle on the Pink Sands Beach.

Live Your Fairytale on the Pink Sand Beaches of the Bahamas