The world is full of amazing water parks, from those that are luxuriously decorated, to those that have been themed to look cartoonishly Caribbean. There are so many you probably won’t get to visit all of them. But, you can perhaps visit the best in the world, assuming you’re committed to a bit of long distance travel. Here is a list of water parks around the world that really are worth the trip.

Tropical Island Resort

Tropical Island isn’t just rated as amongst the best water parks in the world, it also happens to have a fascinating story behind it. The absurdly large building in which the water park resides was, once, designed to dock a zeppelin. When the zeppelin era passed the building remained, though few in Germany had any idea what to do with it.

Finally the solution arrived. Why not turn the staggeringly large domed building into a water park? Today Tropical Island in Krausnick is the largest indoor water park in the world. It is also astoundingly beautiful and stunningly themed, designed to make visitors feel as if they’ve been teleported to a tropical paradise.

Water World Park

Not far off in terms of size is Water World Park. Located in Edmonton, Canada, Water World Park is designed to accept 40,000 visitors at a time, which puts into perspective just how big it is. Water World Park doesn’t have the creative themes of Tropical Island Resort, but does have the biggest indoor wave pool in the world. Hit the waves or just kick back and hit an NZ casino online on your phone; there is plenty of room to relax.

Kalahari Resorts Sandusky

In the United States, Sandusky, we have Kalahari Resorts. It’s enormous, themed around African wildlife, and has an added feature that the other parks can’t match. Namely that it is possible to get a suntan at Kalahari Resorts, given that most of the light is natural. Yes, the unique ceiling design lets in enough natural light to let guests get a tan. Amazing.

Boyne Mountain Resort

Located at Boyne Falls in Michigan we have the Boyne Mountain Resort. Although there are lazy rivers, hot tubs and many indoor water slides, most are drawn to the unique indoor waterfall. The waterfall splashes down for atop a café, meaning that guests below enjoy a refreshing shower as they relax. Astoundingly innovative and truly impressive.

Coco Key Water Resort

Last we have Coco Key Water Resort in New Jersey. Not as big as others on this list, and perhaps not as grand in design, Coco Key Water Resort is still impressive. Occupying an impressive 55,000 square feet the water park is still amongst the biggest in the world.

The iconic attraction here is the Parrot’s Perch, a location specifically designed to be child friendly. Though there is also plenty of splashy entertainment for adults, including the tipping bucket, and numerous slides. Those brave enough will face the water cannon, an attraction known for being truly spectacular.

Most Amazing Indoor Water Parks In The World
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