When dealing with a zone as vast as the ocean, it only stands to reason that there are going to be some peculiarities. After all, the deep ocean might as well be another planet. So coming upon something inexplicable is far more common than might be assumed.

However, some deep sea discoveries are so strange as to make even the most hardened sceptic sit up and pay attention. Which isn’t to say that the discoveries on this list are paranormal, but only that they certainly deserve a closer look. These are deep sea discoveries that have defied rational explanation.

Underwater Pyramid Off Portugal

This is a fairly recent discovery, occurring in 2014, so there is very little real information so far. What is known is that a fisherman was looking for a good spot to start hauling in fish, only to accidently discover something extraordinary. His GPS scan picked up what appeared to be a massive, imposing pyramid deep below the ocean. With a base of 8,000 square feet, and standing as tall as 150 feet, it appeared to be a structure made by men. Only, the structure also happened to be deep underwater, off the coast of Portugal.

There is a great deal of misleading information around the internet in regards to this discovery, and even a few fake photos. The truth is that all the information so far is based around an unclear, very open to interpretation GPS scan. Where the pyramid came from, or if it even exists, is still a mystery. But there is certainly a mysterious, very square object beneath the ocean near Portugal.

New Jersey Locomotives

Imagine exploring underwater, only to come across a pair of 1850s locomotives in good condition. Off the coast of New Jersey is a locomotive graveyard, including two steam engines that appear to have simply been abandoned. There is no explanation, no record, and no obvious answer as to how they got there. Speculation is that they were pushed overboard from a delivery ship. But as to why this happened can only be guessed at.

Antikythera Mechanism

If you haven’t heard about the Antikythera Mechanism, Google it at earliest convenience. This mind blowing artefact, discovered in a ship wreck near the Greek island of Antikythera, may just have you sitting until the early hours in bewilderment. What it is was used for, how it was built, and who built it are all a mystery. The only certainty is that whoever designed it was a genius, just like whoever created the first online pokies Australia has to offer.

Lost Mahabalipuram Pagodas

Another fascinating story, the Lost Pagodas of India is truly the stuff of fairy tales. In 2004 the devastating Tsunami hit, taking hundreds of thousands of lives. But, as the oceans drew back a number of structures were witnessed off the coast, seeming to resemble manmade structures beneath the ocean. This ultimately resulted in The Lost Pagodas being discovered, the existence of which was thought of as nothing more than myth. The discovery is seen as amongst the most significant in many decades.

Oceanic Discoveries That Defy Explanation