Going for a walk along the beach is relaxing, interesting, and entertaining. Who knows what you’ll find? Interesting shells, unusual rocks, or perhaps even a message in a bottle. On the other hand, sometimes things are stumbled upon on beaches that almost defy explanation. Here are some things that were really found on beaches, ranging from the baffling to the truly unusual.

A World War 2 Plane

Perhaps the most mind boggling thing to have ever washed up unexpectedly on a beach, we have a USAF Lockheed fighter plane. Yes, it appeared suddenly, taking everyone by surprise. The plane appeared on the Gwynedd Welsh Coast in 2010, putting everyone into a tailspin. Most fascinating of all is that the plane was even identified.

The plane was called the Maid of Harlech and had crashed into the ocean in 1942. If you’re hoping to go and check it out, bad news. The location of the plane is being kept a secret from the public.

A Giant Tree

In a small coastal town off the Washington peninsula a piece of wood was found. Not impressed? Well, this particular piece of wood, found in 2010, was so big that it would give Godzilla a run for his money. The massive tree is 10 feet wide and a few hundred feet tall, making it the biggest piece of driftwood in history.

Sadly, the tree was not designated for preservation and has since slowly been dismantled by locals. Though, be sure to check out a few photos to get a real idea of just how big the tree was.

A U-Boat

Imagine you’re kicking back on the beach, checking out some Australian Open odds on your phone, only to look up and realise a U-boat has washed up. Yes, in 1919 an entire German U-boat washed up on the shore of an English Town in Hastings. This is perhaps as impressive as the tree, given just how gargantuan U-boat actually were. Photos of the find exist, so feel free to head over and appreciate just how spectacular a sight this is.

Giant Lego Characters

What’s more bizarre than seeing a U-boat or a giant tree on the beach? How about giant Lego figures? The story behind these figures is still largely unknown, with some suspecting shenanigans. The story goes that a Lego figure first washed up in the Netherlands, 8 feet tall. Assumptions were that a ship had capsized in the rough seas around Netherland. But, upon investigation, no ship carrying Lego figures had capsized.

Then similar giant Lego figures washed up in Florida, Brighton, and elsewhere. The clue everyone latched on to was a label on each figure that read Ego Leonard. Pieces were eventually put together and most now believe that the Lego figures weren’t accidental at all. A Dutch artist named Leon Keer is known to pull such artistic stunts, though not exactly of this nature. Even still most accept that he is the explanation, though it still isn’t 100% confirmed. He hasn’t come forward to accept responsibility.

Strangest Real Oddities Found On Beaches
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