With emerald waves and amber sands, Japan has some of the world’s cleanest, safest, and most beautiful beaches. There is the Okinawa prefecture, famous for its tropical climate and gentle waves, that many associate with Japanese shores, but country has much more to offer the snorkelling, surfing, and swimming enthusiasts as well as the casual sunbather.

Manza Beach

Of course, Okinawa takes pride of place in any discussion of Japan’s shorelines. Below the main island’s southern latitudes, this region enjoys mild seasons all year round. Holidaymakers across the world make their way to these sandy shores, most famous of which is the beach of Manza.

Close to public transport routes, its clear waters allow snorkelers unparalleled sights of sea snakes, sea anemones, clownfish, and numerous species of butterflyfish. The beach offers other exciting adventures: beachgoers can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and other water sport paraphernalia, and there is even a water park.

Sunayama Beach

The iconic rock arches make this beach on Miyakojima Island well worth the trek is takes to get there. A zig-zagging path thick vegetation on unlevel ground will take you to this relatively hidden gem. A 70m strand of powder-white sand and warm emerald waters offers beachgoers a soothing break from the urban hustle and bustle of the islands north of Miyakojima, which is also part of the Okinawa prefecture.

Amami Oshima Island Beaches

Situated between the larger islands of Kyushu and Okinawa, Amami is home to several beautiful beaches. The island enjoys the same mild climate as Okinawa but is still best visited between May and October, the official beach season. The beaches are relatively secluded and surrounded by thick tropical vegetation, Tomori Beach is one of the best beaches in Japan for snorkelling, while Kurasaki Beach is popular with free divers.

Kujukuri Beach

Kujukuri Beach is unusual among Japanese beaches for its span, 60km of uninterrupted coastline, and its shape: while most beaches in Japan form in lagoons and bays, and are often sheltered by ridges or sandbanks, Kujukuri is flat and open. The ocean there is similarly unsheltered: since it has no reef, the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash directly and dramatically onto the sand. This also makes it a great beach for swimmers.

Odaiba Beach

Odaiba is a man-made beach in the shadow of Tokyo’s towering skyscrapers. 800 meters in length, the beach is located beside the Docks shopping centre. While swimming is not permitted, the beach nevertheless offers an invaluable source of downtime for the residents of Tokyo to sunbathe and play volleyball and other beach sports competitions in the spring and summer months. It is also the host to a variety of seasonal festivals.

Tokashiki Island Beaches

This archipelago is another snorkeler’s paradise. It boasts a resplendent diversity of marine life, chief among them the majestic sea turtles. Tokashiku Beach is the best spot for that and viewing other sea critters, while the more developed Aharen Beach is more developed, with a restaurant-filled strand where you can enjoy playing at online casinos in Sri Lanka while you eat and plenty of other shopping opportunities.

The Best Beaches In Japan
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