Dubai is undoubtedly the best place on earth to witness awe-inspiring architecture. However, that’s not everything Dubai is all about. This city is home to the finest underwater displays. Pull on your shoes and get ready to explore the vibrant and ethereal underwater world of Dubai!

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo has to be one of the most enchanting attractions in Dubai. Situated at the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world, it offers a memorable journey into ocean life.

With ability to hold 10 million litres of water, Dubai Aquarium is one of the biggest indoor aquariums in the world and it lights up the marvels of the ocean floor, showcasing one of the most varied sets of aquatic life.

Situated just above the aquarium, Underwater Zoo brings visitors up close with penguins, piranhas, crabs, water rats, sea horses, jellyfish and plenty more. An intriguing new addition at Underwater Zoo is King Croc, considered as nature’s rare spectacle and one of the world’s greatest reptiles – at over 5 meters long and weighing an imposing 750 kg plus. Underwater Zoo regularly hosts ground-breaking exhibits. One such exhibit, ‘UAE’s Night Creatures’ offers the experience of nightfall in the desert as creatures of the dark.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium At Atlantis

The City of Atlantis has finally been revoked after a deep sleep of thousands of years beneath the abysmal depth of the sea. The Lost Chambers are themed on Atlantis, the mythological Greek city. Relics inside the aquarium are very convincing and successful in creating a world of imagination and magic.

The number one attraction of the aquarium is the gigantic ambassador Lagoon that is located at the centre which is home to hundreds of exotic marine creatures. The entire tank features a labyrinth of underwater tunnels and mazes to depict lost civilisation of Atlantis. This set-up actually helps adventure-lovers to feel the excitement of ‘lost & found’ game.

What’s more, there are total 65 000 species of marine creatures in this aquarium including lobsters, ‘Nemo’ fish, jellyfish, groupers marble rays, cow nose rays and the most fearsome sharks.

The Lost Chambers Atlantis is the only place in Dubai that allows you to have frequent encounters with eels, sharks, piranhas and seahorses. In addition, it features more than 20 exquisite marine life exhibits encompassing an interactive Aqua theatre show and a touch tank.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium brings you one of the most fascinating and unique indoor attractions in the UAE – The Only Dolphin & Seal Show, Creek Park Exotic Bird Show & Swim With Dolphins! Like the online bingo in Australia you can experience a world of excitement, only with added water and sea mammals.

This dolphin park is spread across an area of almost 5 000 square meters and offers safe haven to six celebrated bottlenose dolphins. In addition, this park is inhabited by a large population of Fur Seals and more than 20 colourful species of parrots.

The Most Magical Aquariums In Dubai
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