Everyone enjoys a beautiful beach, which goes without saying. Who doesn’t enjoy golden sands, blue skies, and glittering oceans? But what about the beaches so strange they seem to be out of a fantasy novel? These wonders do exist, even if they are less commonly talked about. Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre beaches in the world, and investigate why they are so unusual.

Hidden Beach – Mexico

Also referred to as Playa del Amor, a novel could be written about the Hidden Beach in Mexico. First, the beach is only accessible via an underground water tunnel. Second, the beach is located entirely underground, situated in a mysterious cave-like structure. Though, the cave also offers a clear view of the sky above, with the circular ceiling having collapsed, or perhaps having never existed.

What’s more is that many suggest military bomb tests created the cave, which perhaps sounds a bit far-fetched. But it isn’t so far-fetched, given that that this happens to be exact location of a military testing ground.

Pink Sand Beach – Bahamas

If you thought the last beach could be featured in a fantasy novel, how about Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas? Yes, the sand is entirely pink, stretching off as far as the eye can see. The pink hue comes courtesy of a coral dwelling insect referred to as foraminifera. If you guessed that the insect is pink, you’d have guessed right. Over centuries the dead insects have gradually turned the entire beach pink. A little grim, but also extremely beautiful.

Boulders Beach – South Africa

If you visit Boulders Beach in South Africa, don’t expect enough privacy to kick back with your phone and engage in a little soccer sports betting. Why? Because this iconic beach is not only crowded with enormous boulders, it also happens to be a penguin nesting ground. Thousands of penguins crowd the beach, creating a sight that has to be seen to be believed. Word is that the penguins are relatively comfortable with humans, but petting them still isn’t allowed, given that the beach is a protected wildlife sanctuary.

Hot Water Beach – New Zealand

From penguin infested to having naturally hot water, we have Hot Water Beach in New Zealand. It turns out that hot water springs collide with the ocean in this unique location, meaning that at low tide the waters are comfortably warm. As would be expected, many visitors dig their own sand spas in the sand, which is about as pleasant as a visit to the beach could be.

Black Sand Beach – Iceland

The last on our list is certainly beautiful, but is also almost entirely untouched by humans. That’s because this enormous, borderline ominous beach happens to be in the literal middle of nowhere. The beach offers views of distant icebergs, the skies are almost always pure blue, and the foaming ocean pounds on pure black sands. All this plus ragged black rocks protrude irregularly through the sands, summoning images of an alien landscape.

But no, this is Iceland. Good luck sunbathing.

The Top Strangest Beaches That Really Exist
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