If you’ll be wandering around a waterpark all day, like the largest one in Africa, staying safe and having some general safety tips in mind is a prudent thing to do. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to tackle any waterpark adventure regardless of if you’re heading out there solo, or with family or friends tagging along with you.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water throughout the day is something that should go without saying. Since you’ll be on your feet and on the go when you’re not on rides, you’ll definitely want to keep your fluid levels up as dehydration will bring a swift end to energy, motivation and any sense of enjoyment.

Wear Sunscreen

Having sun protection is a must! Be it sunscreen, a hat, UV-repelling clothing or at the very least, lightweight long-sleeve clothing. Keeping covered up may be counter-intuitive but if you’re in the sun it’s recommended. Applying sunscreen frequently will help to keep the UV-barrier in place after each wet ride, and prevent any unexpected sunburn from occurring.

First Aid Kit

A graze, tumble or scrape can quickly sour a good day out. Having a small first aid kit on hand can help to disinfect and bandage up any small abrasions that may occur and will have you well on your way to continue having fun.

Meeting point

If you happen to become separated from those you came with, having a central meeting spot will help you feel calm and allow you to meet up with your group again. Pick somewhere visible from most areas within the park. While waiting for them to join you, do a calming activity on your phone like checking social media, heading to an online gambling NZ site or spending time playing a quick game of Solitaire.

Swim Safety

If you are not yet water competent, then it’s best to avoid visiting any waterparks with deep underwater areas unless you have an attached lifejacket. Even then, sticking to shallow rides and staying close to family or friends who are strong swimmers is recommended.

Additional clothing

Bringing additional clothing with you is a good way to plan for any soaking rides and will help avoid anyone becoming grumpy they’re totally wet and getting cold. This is doubly useful if the weather changes or the wind picks up, though indoor waterparks don’t have to worry about weather factors as much. However, having a bag with a spare set of clothes will help keep the day going smoothly and ensure you’re prepared for an outfit change needs.


Having money for snacks is good, but if you’ve got a ravenous friend with you, keep them from getting hangry by having a snack or two on-hand, while you order and wait for your food to be made. Easy to pack options like dried fruit, jerky, a lollipop, or even jelly gummies can help stave off any mopey moods before they begin, and help you avoid any blood sugar drops.

These waterpark safety tips will ensure that everyone has fun in the sun, while preparing for any eventuality that may crop up.

Waterpark Safety 101
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