In 2019, Johannesburg welcomed Africa’s largest. Situated in Muldersdrift, Happy Island Waterworld has a number of exciting waterslides and cool pools for the entire family to enjoy, making for a great day trip. The Typhoon slide, that spirals downward in the shape of a literal typhoon, is a first for African waterparks – this one is certainly not for the faint hearted!

Happy Island Waterworld impressively features the two largest wave pools in Africa, which are both 20 000m2 and are bound to get the blood pumping. The hydraulic systems produce ocean-like waves to make you feel like you’re in the surf – without the sharks, of course!

The water park has a number of other exciting experiences which are available to visitors:

  • Soak and relax in the cool water while being gently massaged.
  • Gently float down the Lazy River in your rubber tube as it takes you long the 850m course through the beautiful water park surrounds. Single or double tubes are available at the entrance. The Lazy River is perfect for all ages.

What Is The Largest Water Park In West Africa?

Park Vega  is the largest water park in West Africa. It is a member of International Association of Amusements & Attractions (IAAPA) and World Waterparks Association (WWA). Park Vega is now officially the first water park – which is up to international standards – in Nigeria and West Africa.

There are a number of attractions to be found in this park. Here are some of them.

Wave Pools

Sitting on 1 500m2 and holding close to half a million gallons of water, this massive pool mimics the ocean’s waves and transcends a beach resort. It is the most up-to-date technology in the international market and the centrepiece of the waterpark, providing hours of splashing fun for all ages and swimming levels.

Relax Pool

This pool is ideal for a relaxed and fun weekend getaway after a busy week. It’s a spot to unwind and refresh with a distinctly meandering flair as well as beautiful scenery. Get a refreshing drink at the swim-up bar and catch up with loved ones.

Activity Pool

This really is the excitement hotspot of the Park! Here you will find tonnes of water recreational activities to keep the family and friends fit as they have their kind of fun. It hosts activities such as water volleyball and water basketball.

Kids Pool

A Zero depth pool and anti-slip floors for kids ensures a safe and fun experience. The kids pools have been integrated with Aquatower and Aquaspray for an interactive experience.

Their slides are incredible! Park Vega boasts six thrilling slides that people can enjoy.

Other water parks in Africa include:

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  • Sir park
  • Aqua Park Le Pirate
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What Is The Largest Water Park In Africa?